What type of learner is your child?

All children have special interests and talents. It’s up to parents and educators to tap into their learning styles and needs. One child might love music, while another child loves using pattern blocks and building blocks to create 3-dimensional objects. Whatever their interests may be, one must continue to nurture these attributes, but also expose them to new skills.

Howard Garder, developmental psychologist, best known for his theory on multiple intelligences discusses the 8 different types of intelligences applied to learning. Children do not fall under one category. Your child might be stronger in one than the other, but every child is a combination of intelligences.

Which Intelligence is your child?

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

1.Linguistic Intelligences– speaking, reading, writing, word pictures

EX: poetry

2. Logical Mathematical Intelligence– to see patterns in numbers or reasoning
Ex: puzzles, color patters, adding basic numbers, grouping objects etc.

3.Spatial Intelligence– to be able to see the world

Ex: drawing, coloring, making a diagram, making 3-dimensional figures (legos, mind craft, pattern blocks)

4. Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence – using one’s body as a for of expression

Ex: dancing, movement, jumping

5. Musical Intelligence – is able to produce rhythm and pitch, uses music as a form of expression

Ex: Sing, play, dance, hum, create music, play an instrument

6.Interpersonal Intelligence – is able to talk to others, enjoys talking to new people

Ex: loves working in small groups, partnering, or a cooperative learning environment

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence– is able to self reflect, look inside one’s self, identify one’s emotions

Ex: to make personal connections, have an imagination, strong intuition

8. Naturalistic Intelligence– love of nature and all living things

Ex: loves being outdoors, learning about animals, insects, plants


So next time your child shows a passion for something ask yourself what type of learner is he/she? What does this say about your child as a learner?


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