Play With a Purpose

I try to structure my 2 yr 4 month old’s play. He will have specific activity to work on, but will also have some open play. Today’s activity is sand discovery. He rubbed his hands in the sand. He played with it a little bit. Once he was comfortable with the texture, I hid some of his toys in the tray. He loved searching in the sand and finding different objects. We played multiple times. Every time he pulled an object out of the sand, I took made sure he named the object in Spanish. It’s another creative and authentic way to include Spanish into our everyday life. I kept sneaking in new objects into his sand tray. After a while, he was hiding objects in there too.



A World Full of Literacy

As a parent and educator, I try to think of real world experiences for my children. I try to make experiences relatable and fun. My son L- is learning Spanish. I teach him through play and authentic conversation. He is at the age now where he can do things on his own. He is very independent and loves showing us all the new things he can do. I decided to push that independence by labeling important areas of his room. This is a great activity for all children. I took pictures of specific areas around my son’s room. Then I printed them out, wrote the Spanish label on it (with the article) laminated them, and he helped me put them around the room. He had a lot of fun doing it. The best part is that, I labeled his drawers. So now he can choose his own clothes and dress himself. So make every literacy experience a fun one! Enjoy the pics.