Reading Plays is FUN!

Another component of reading comprehension is fluency, prosody, and expression. It’s so important when teaching comprehension. What a better way then to read short plays or fun silly poetry. I made fluency folders for my students. I laminated them so I can use them over and over. The kids love reading them with their group and in partners.


Children can be better readers by . . .


Do you ever read with your children and they skip words, mispronounce words, or add words that are not there? In order for children to have strong comprehension, we have to tackle the 5 components to reading. One component is phonemic awareness. Children need to know how sounds segment and blend together. As our young readers are learning how to decode words, it can get a bit tricky for them. I made this strategy book mark. They keep it in their book baggy and refer to it as needed. I provide 5 strategies over a course of a week. I model each strategy during a lesson. I teach my kids that as readers we need to have a “toolbox” of strategies so that we become better readers. Students begin to monitor their reading, their fluency improves, and their comprehension becomes stronger.